Ionic + Google map + places + Direction services


I am working on Taxiride app and implemented Google JavaScript map API for places and direction services.

The Direction service takes time to render the map.
Now I am looking to implement Google native map plugin .

My question

  • Does Google map native woks with places and direction services?
  • If not will it be able to integrate JavaScript map API only for places and direction services?

Let me know if someone had faced a similar situation.

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I replying to my own thread.

Direction services & and places are not available in Cordova map plugin.
So, I hope it is not possible unless it is implemented in Cordova map plugin?

Hi, I’m not sure about the native map but I have worked with javascript map API + ionic and the services you mentioned here can be easily integrated with it.

Thanks for the reply.
I know it is possible using JavaScript and I have done simple prototype as well. The issue is slow rendering of directions in map. When I provide from to location.

I have native GoogleMaps intergrated in one of my apps and it is far better than the cordova ready-made map. It renders in a way that is awfully close to native. Very well. I’ve integrated Google Places / Autocomplete as well, but for some reason can’t get the list of results from my Autocomplete to show on device. It works in my browser, but not on device. It may end up being an issue for you, or it’s just me.

I’ve tried increasing the z-index of .pac-container to 10000 !important, etc.
Still no luck, but it is a suggested solution if you run into it.

But, I reiterate that the extra work it takes to get GoogleMaps native working in your app is a significant improvement.
just make sure, in your index html, to add async defer to your script. i.e,

<script async defer src="***********&callback=initMap" type="text/javascript"></script>

Also, of course, enable the Map SDK, and the places SDK in google’s developer console.

Did any one get any solution for ionic native?

Not google place service in ionic native google map