How to integrate google map navigation inside my ionic application?

Hi Team,

I am developing a hybrid mobile app using ionic framework, i need support on using google map API services in my ionic app.

I need to integrate google map navigation inside my ionic application.

Actually i want to use google map navigation as like which is used in ola cabs or uber cabs.

From the google maps documentation, i have already implemented, direction from one location to another, calculating distance in km and once i am ready to start the ride, i need to show the map navigation inside my ionic app and to track the distance travelled inside my ionic app itself.

Currently i am using native component, this will open google map in separately with the location navigation.

But my requirement is to show google map navigation inside my ionic app.

Please make a note, i have already created a billing account in google map console.

Kindly help me out to implement this as soon as possible.

Prem Kumaran R

Hey Prem,

have you worked and got the solution for this, i need also extractly for your idea… is this possible to share the basic code for this.

Thank you

Hi Prem_Programador, I’m stuck with the same problem and was wondering if you managed to solve this? If you can point me in any direction it will be appreciated, I found this from google but I can’t manage to find any documentation on this or if this will be possible within ionic framework.