Google Maps Directions for Ionic Native

This topic has probably been covered plenty of times; however, I can’t seem to find any solid answers or alternatives. I would like the blue direction line in between two points to be displayed on the native Google Maps. I’ve read where Cordova doesn’t support this yet. If they don’t support it, then what is an alternative? I’m aware that Google Maps JS has this functionality. I want to stick with the native maps mainly because of the geolocation tracking, load time and it’s free.
If anyone knows of any alternatives to getting the directions - aka blue line in between two markers - please let me know. FYI - I’m using the latest Ionic version.

I am also waiting for this, though :slight_smile: Any updates?

Google provides the Google Maps Directions API which is REST api.

You can implement the api using the HTTP plugin, such a like this:

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