Ionic framework, where are my images, scripts and other files stays when i generated .apk, does size matters

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I have generated .apk, and i am able to see the images which i have
in my assets/img file, but the size of apk increases as i use more
images, i just want to know, when i generat .apk where my images, scripts and css stays.
How to reduce the size of my app.

I tried creating .apk after removing and adding images locally in assets the is matter in this case.

What if i want to show some stuff (profile images etc) when the user is not connected to the Internet. Where i will keep them.

images: optimize images … try not to use a lot of images
css and scripts : minify

offline data :

  • sqllite or any other local database running on device
  • download images (when the user is online) and save them in your app folder. you’ll need some sort of logic to check if the images was downloaded so you can present the downloaded image to the view

In my “app” folder, i’m not sure what you are saying, when a user having installed .apk, is there any “app” in there mobile.?
Can you suggest an example doing that local storage. to check up and store at first time.
Like whatsApp is doing for profile picture of user and their friends as well when the internet is not even working.

every app (ios / android) has an app folder. The app can store files in the app root folder (like images,databases).

Check the docs:

You can open any apk via winRAR and look through it .

Thanks @Koleman i wasn’t aware about, now as i have checked, in my assets->lib->ionic&angular js files taking too much space like
my .apk size is: 5.1 MB BUT
angular(inside lib) size is: 1.6 and ionic (again inside lib folder) size is: 4.8 mb.
and there are other files as well, totaling is around 8MB. How it is happening ?
another thing.
Should i include these javascript libraries inside my app or call tha CDN link for these to reduce app size.

Looks like u just use Ionic out of box, where is minified and non-minified versions of files, so use only minified files and delete others, for example all my inoic files weight about 1.4mb, u shount use ionic and angular separatly, coz ionic.bundle.min.js is all u nedd for work(angular,angular-ui-router and ionic)