Ionic for Offline Desktop App?

Hi all,

I am currently making an application in Excel which is for the sales team, they can use this to get accurate prices for customer in regards to phone system equipment on finance etc…

I wondered if Ionic is a good way of creating an offline desktop app as such instead of using Excel? Or would you only use Ionic for mobile development?

This way I can make it look nice and in-line with the company image which is harder to do in Excel due to limitations.

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I use angular and ionic for a pwa desktop app

Localstorage is always tricky but if the users are always online, then it will be quite nice

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Hi @Tommertom

Thank you for your reply.
This will be the scenario:

Sales team are in the office, they book an appointment and go visit the lead.
When they are with the lead they will discuss their current phone system etc… with this they will enter the information in the fields provided such as current costs, what equipment they require.
This will then give them the overall cost of the equipment including installation and break it down into a monthly price. During this time they will not have access to the internet.

They then come back to the office, with internet access. They then pass this information onto me to process as a quote.

It’s basically used as a fast way to quote a customer, rather than pulling their pricing sheet out and calculating it on the spot. This will reduce human error and allow me to update prices easily without having to rely on the sales team to make sure they take the updated pricing sheet.

Would this be feasible with Ionic?

EDIT: It doesn’t actually need internet connection, could just store the data locally? Or does Ionic need a internet connection at some point to work?

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well the best choice may depend on many other factors like your own development experience and preference.

Sticking to html/js/css, there is the choice of angular , react etc…
With respect to UI, IOnic is a great choice for productivity applications like you described, especially if in one point you go to a mobile/tablet solution. But for desktop app only, there are other UI frameworks that provide maybe even better components that normally don’t appear on mobile (tree viewers, big accordions etc).

As to online/offline, for the web app to run, you need to host it or put it in an cordova/capacitor container. Or go for PWA, then the user should at least have once internet.

Storage in web apps can be tricky and the objective IMHO with web apps should always be to have the remote storage leading, and the local temporary. Mostly due to limitations in size, different behavior of browsers across platforms and security, I would say.

Given my preference for Angular and its great support, and the nice component lib of Ionic I would go initiatially for ionic-angular-pwa. …

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Hello @DannyG19 we are currently working on the same as you wanted we can build you the application please do contact via my mail if you need a technical development of your concept

I’m not sure Excel would be a good choice, but I don’t like Excel for anything! :grinning:

The way web apps (PWA) work is that you have a database on a web server somewhere in the cloud, and this contains all your data about products, prices, customers, orders, quotes etc etc - it could even be stored in a Wordpress website, or a Woocommerce website - if you are familiar with them?

The PWA can be running on your desktop, or a mobile device (ideally an Android device) and the PWA itself is the user interface that you, as an administrator, use to manage the data, and your reps use to gain access to and update the data.

When run on a mobile device, the necessary data is downloaded to the device whenever the device has access to the internet. The PWA can then use that data whether there is an internet connection, or not. So your reps can prepare quotes and orders without having an internet access. When the mobile device regains access to the internet all the local data from the reps mobile device is automatically uploaded to the server.

You, as an administrator, would have access to whatever data is on the web server through the same PWA, so you have instant access to any data updated from your reps, as soon as it is updated.

What you are asking about is a lot more sophisticated than copying data from a spreadsheet on your desktop PC back and forwards to mobile devices! It is also a LOT more professional, and probably a lot more reliable.

But developing such a system won’t be a trivial task.

I think Indexed or File.js are better options. Localstorage being sync slows down the app.