Ionic Fingerprint Identify Unique Person

Hello everyone.

Is there any way to recognize a person using Android Fingerprint SDK or just retrieve an unique fingerprint ID?
I think that retrieving unique person fingerprint ID should be the easyest way.

I’ve asked there but it seems that Android SDK does not allow:

Is there another way or already built plugin?

I just need something that works like point beat.

Thanks in advance

Well the easiest way will sure be new phone auth (for example this with Google
If you need ultra secure auth with fingerprint, I guess you can cook some code to link Typescript, Fingerprint, and for instance social profiles and location - for example for secure buildings. But again, not sure it will be more secure than true 2 Auth-Form-Factor (which often involves some kind of SMS messages).
Depends the level of security you need, I guess.

I’m not too sure because I’ve never used fingerprints yet. But I will tell you what I do know… Android and Apple don’t allow us to access fingerprint data. Fingerprint data is “apparentlyonly stored on the device in a super encrypted area and no where else.

So keep in mind, they’ll never allow you to access fingerprinting data.

Thanks Neonic, I wasn’t aware of that, it make sense of course.

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