Ionic "facebook messenger" like plugin

I was wondering if someone here has ever used a plugin or an external framework in ionic to add a bidirectional chat functionality into his mobile app.
If yes, which one? Or if you have another experience about the subject, which do you think is the best?
Thanks for your wise advises.

there will be no plugin for that… because you need your own backend for that… to store and spread the messages.
–> so you need a socket server and app side socket implementation.

There is a framework for nodejs called socketIO.

Thanks for your response. Yes, I can probably build all for the ground up.
But, in a previous (no ionic) mobile app, I used ChannelAPI for Google but was not very satisfied by the result.
So, I was wondering if somenone has had a satisfying experience with another full chat solution (app side and backend) that can be integrated in ionic ?
Thanks again