Ionic facebook login not working when I am debugging facebook login on android device , app in development mode

I am building an ionic app with facebook login, working good on my webapp hosted, but trying to run the app on my android device (not tested on ios), I am getting the error (this app is still in development mode).
What could be the reason behind this error?

  1. App is set live (on facebook)
  2. My facebook account is not verified (cannot verify it now as an effect of COVID-19 virus and facebook …), but I am using only facebook login and accessing only information that do not need app review (email, and public …). If this is the reason, why it is on the web app.
  3. Do I need to sign the app if I want to run it on my own device (debugging)? If so, how? And could I use the same hash key generated for firebase?
    I have tried to login using a tester and account also, but the same error.

Thank you all

I found the old facebook-app-id in the files platforms\android\android.json and platforms\android\app\src\main\resvalues\facebookconnect.xml.
Changed it to the actual facebook app id