Native Facebook Login doesn't work if download on App Store

Hey there!

I have an app built with Ionic 2.2.1 and I’m using Ionic/Native Facebook 3.4.4. I already used AppInvite and it’s working. Now I’m trying to develop a Facebook login. I followed this doc: , first using emulator and then using my own device (ionic run android). It worked! But when I uploaded my apk to Google App Store it doesn’t. :confused:

There is a button “Facebook Login” and when I click on it, my app stops! All clickable stops, my app stays crashed. I already googled it but couldn’t find anything… Does anyone have a clue? Thanks!!! :smile:

mmmmh maybe… is your Facebook App public? Does she need special privileges and if yes, were they submitted and granted by the Facebook team?

you could check all these stuffs in your Facebook developers console

How did you build your app for the Play Store? Which commands did you use?

Furthermore, could you provide a video? or what’s the name of your app?

My Facebook app is public and available to the public; I just ask for email, public_profile and user_friends and all that aproved by Facebook.

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Well that sounds good then :wink:

Like @Sujan12 said, how did you build your app (ionic build android --prod --release)?

Any video or app we could test?

cordova build android --release
jarsigner and zipalign

Then I uploaded the generated and signed APK to Play Store…

the App is closed to testers only for now @reedrichards :worried: but I’ll try to send a video to YT

Sorry the slow answers but the forum asks me to wait some minutes before commit my answer!

did you resolve it ?