Ionic 3 Android facebook login

Hoping for some help here in understanding the cause.
I have an existing app that I have upgraded various packages. The app has been using cordova-plugin-facebook4 and all older versions are working. The new release of my Ios app has the facebook login working fine.
Android login works fine with a dev build build on a Samsung Galaxy phone, but on a production build if the FB app is installed on the phone, I get “Login Error: There is an error in logging you into this application. Please try again later.” If the FB app is not installed it redirects to FB website and asks for login and proceeds to login to my app fine.
Also I have built a production APK in Android Studio that installs through Android studio and login works, but if I add that APK to Fabric Beta or sideload it, the error appears. I have added and double checked hashes for dev and prod builds.
What would change in distributing through Fabric Beta or sideloading? Or direction in debugging it when dev build and build through Android Studio work?

Cordova Android 8.1.0
cordova-plugin-facebook4 6.2.0
Facebook Android SDK v5.5.2

Let me know if any more info is needed

UPDATE: When uploaded to Google store the FB login worked fine. I guess just have faith