@ionic-enterprise/contacts not finding any contact

Hi guys, I recently upgraded my existing app to use Ionic enterprise, replace a couple of Cordova plugins for the premium ones, specifically the contact plugin. Everything seems to be working fine, I can create contacts on the phone using the app but when I try to find all contacts the list returns empty. Before it was working fine and I am using the same code, plus other variants to try to make it work but every time I run the app I get an empty list of contacts. Is there anything I might be missing on this conversion?

Code sample:

        const fields: ContactFieldType[] = ['*'];
        const options = new ContactFindOptions();
        options.filter = '';
        options.multiple = true;
        options.hasPhoneNumber = true;
        options.desiredFields = [
            'displayName', 'country', 'emails',
            'name.formatted', 'name.givenName', 'id', 'name',
            'phoneNumbers', 'region', 'postalCode',

        return this.contacts
            .find(fields, options)
            .then(resp => {
                console.log('-list-', resp);