Ionic 2 application works on browser, doesn't work on emulator, Ionic view


I’ve started creating an application with Ionic 2. While developing I just used ionic serve and everything works fine.
When I wanted to test the app on a mobile device, I ran into some problems:

  1. When running the app on an (Android) emulator (ionic emulate), I get an application error: “The connection to the server was unsuccessful (http://my.local.IP.address:8100)”. I don’t get any errors in the console.
  2. I then tried to upload the application to Ionic View (ionic upload), but I just get a black screen when running the app there.
  3. My latest attempt was running the app directly on my phone (Android) with (ionic run). This worked.

Does anyone know what causes my application not to work on some platforms?

You have to add white list


I’ts already been added. Also, that doesn’t explain why the app doesn’t work on Ionic View.

Sorry, So share to watch your app in codepen or git if you like