Deploy the IONIC 2 app in Android device

Hello can anyone give me the right steps to generate and deploy the Andoird APK in IONIC2 application.
I have been able to build the unsigned APK but this apk is not installing on the Android Device.
Please suggest if any one has done the same.

What error you are getting ?
and check the minSdkVersion in your AndroidMenifest.xml file, minSdkVersion should not be greater than your Android Device Platform version.


well thats not the problem. I have included the code for SQLite db creation, while installing the debug version its not asking the permission for the same…probably thats the issue why my app is not running.

please elaborate the steps for installing the app.


i faced same problem…unsigned apk is not working on mobile

if you check whether apk is working or not use ionic build android command you will get android-debug.apk

it will install your mobile

well the debug apk is also not working in my case!!

first you delete both unsigned and debug.apk

after use ionic build android instead of ionic build android --release

building time you will get any errors past here