Ionic editable list in ionic1


Please How can I achieve something like in the image below where I a have a list of items (in an array) and for each items put a button where i can update the number and in the bottom have the sum.

Thank you


Hello @Royken,

For this you must have knowledge of css, so this list look beautiful, for basic ionic grid component will work to divide list item in 3 parts, image-description-quantity.


Hi @thaker,
Thank you for your reply, my problem is not really the design, but the functionnality. How to achieve the update of article’s number simply by clicking one of the buttons… For the design i can use the card system.


Add a text field within each list item with ng-hide=true.
On the click of each plus button bind a function with parameter as text field.
The function should override ng-hide=false for the textfield
call a function to sum all the text field values inside list