Ionic + Drupal series

I’ve created a tutorial how to build ionic app on top of Drupal 7 back-end.


Second part

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Third pard of series

Fourth part

fifth part

Final part - 6

Is there a reason you call it native app? As ionic slogan is

“Create hybrid mobile apps with the web technologies you love.”

So its not native but hybrid. It feels like you are missing the point :wink:

It was hybrid in title, but marketing team changed it to native, sorry for this(((

:smile: Those marketing people, with their fancy words!

Great work with writing a tutorial!
We have been using Drupal as web backend for several year and fits most of our clients needs. Only annoying part is Servies POST data structure :smile:

Yeah, services terrible sometimes, but in Drupal 8 we will have more control for all requests. Thanks to Symfony)))

hi, with api/articles url your json is like image on drupal. how can i make my json file like yours?

Thank you for your interest and helping…

Thanks for this tutorial! How did you create the /api/user/login /api/user/logout and /api/user/register?

Just edit View settings, try to exreriment with it)

thank you for your feedback)
It came with Services module, I’ve enabled authorization in services and configured api url.

Thanks for your response! I guess it was bundled with the Service module but it doesn’t work. The inspector show me this.

I have another question. I have created a view to generate a json for my articles. However it doesn’t work like what you have done for loading more pages. I enabled the ng debugger and found that the morePageExist is always false. How you determine if there is a next page and the loadMore function load the next page?





I found that one of the gist link is broken on part 2, below Tabs definition. I searched your gists, but the one that I found has some errors on the template naming or your template gists has wrong names (some missed the tabs prefix).

Thanks for the tutorial

PD: please tell your marketing team that they take an stupid decision changing the article name or convince your boss to fire them and hire competent people.


I have successfully connected my ionic app with drupal’s backend ! i am also able to do user login’s !

But , i have single issue with authentication now !!

HERE :- Need Help With X-CSRF-Token issue ! :(

Can you please help me with it ? Help is appreciated !

I build a awesome Angular JS library to deal with Drupal Services API. The repo also contains services that make it really eays to deal with authentication, fileupload, pagination.
Also Drupal setup is covered. Just import the provided files iont your system.

Find the library here: ng-drupal-7-services

I also created an DRUPAL-IONIC DEMO

May i have the CORS configuration? I cant seem to find it.

In The First Link att the very bottom you can find the Cors Setup.