Ionic Login and Retrieve info from Drupal API


I’ve run into a 403 bug on this workstream on an Ionic app. Need an experienced Ionic/API dev who’s done this thing before to take a look at it, should only take an hour or two but it has to be done quickly.

Could be the app, could be Drupal [env: services/RESTServer] or it could be CORS.

All code on GitHub, server live. Ready to go for someone to take a look at this please.

Please - someone who knows the Ionic login workstream with Drupal. Cheers.


I could help with that


Hi, i summarized the authentication/reauthentikation workflow in a small Flowchart.

If you want to work with Drupal Services API for Headles Drupal it’s best to use this library ng-drupal-7-services.

There is also a Ionic Drupal demo for this library.



I’m going to give this a go. Looks good. Thank you so much.


Sorry just picked up your reply now. Mostly done by now but thank you.