Ionic Documentation suggestions

Hi friends who write the documentation.

Here’s an interesting one for you… All it says is this: “This plugin does something”.

On the link for that plugin, it’s got more… but how does one update the Ionic docs?

This plugin provides a file upload functionality that can continue to run even while the app is in background. It includes progress updates suitable for long-term transfer operations of large files.

My other pondering thought is also about the background geolocation plugin too. It needs to have better documentation, as it fails to build straight out of the box.

Here is the fix:

While it’s been ongoing for a while, can you add this to the documentation too?

And, one other this is this which I came across the other day too for a brand new app:


Hey there! Thanks for pointing these out, not sure how they got through QA. We’ll be sure to update the content.

It’s also worth noting that the plugins you’ve linked to our for the legacy cordova integration, which we are migrating away from.

You can make use of Capacitor instead

Hi Mike,
Sorry, I didn’t want to be “that guy” that finds errors. But, as I’m quite keen on Ionic, I just want to help. I have found plenty of broken links in the past for random docs and stuff too.

But, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll take a look more at that capacitor link.
I’ve come from v3 to now 5, and have struggled a little getting my head around all the version changes at times, but, I’m trying to give this Capacitor a good go and focus on the future of all this. Appreciate the tip.