I have an issue respect to that. I have and app with geolocation and watchposition. But it does not worked fine on my cellphone. @capacitor/geolocation failed on my phone. I read in a post from a Capacitor programmer that new Android versions have troubles with that service and capacitor.
I use @ionic-native/http/ngx @ionic-native/geolocation/ngx worked fine without install Cordova.
Nevertheless, when I use Background-Geolocation from: [Background Geolocation: Cordova Background Geolocation Tracking ] , when I build my code in Android Studio I received somethink like this:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • Where:
    Script ‘D:\PROJECTS\IONIC PROJECTS\taxi\node_modules@mauron85\cordova-plugin-background-geolocation\android\dependencies.gradle’ line: 3
  • What went wrong:
    A problem occurred evaluating script.

Could not find method compile() for arguments [com.github.tony19:logback-android:1.1.1-9] on object of type org.gradle.api.internal.artifacts.dsl.dependencies.DefaultDependencyHandler.

change compile to implementation in depemdencies.gradle