Ionic Dev Build Process

Just wondering if you guys are looking at revising the current development workflow/process for the next update, being the official V.1!

It would really cool if:

  • All the dependencies used in the app are located outside www so only the .js or min.js file is shipped with the app compared to how it is now where all the different types of .js files and css and whatnot are included in the production app.
  • To have a dev/prod style workflow where all our files live in the dev dir while the app is being built, and then when we want to ship the app a concatenated and minified version of the dev www is created into a prod dir. Maybe something similar to rails where it takes all your files and creates a production ready version of your app.

Perhaps the Ionic CLI can have a new command like ionic build <platform> -p that will build the minified version of the www dir into the corresponding platform.

Yes, you could do this all yourself with bower and gulp, but it would be nice if this kind of thing came out of the box.

Love to hear if the community would also like to move in this direction in regards to the build process. Iā€™m sure you have been working on a better way, so this is probably redundant anyways. Apart from that, Ionic is killer!


+1 for this.

Being a new to Ionic, I was confused seeing lot of files. Keeping the files clean will be good idea.

@Purusothaman - This post may be of interest:


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