Help with the Ionic's assets files and release build

Hi devs :slight_smile:

My questions is: when i builds my app in release mode (cordova build --release <platform>) all the files from ionic still on the www folder, like ionic.css and ionic.min.css besides all *.scss files.
The ionic framework has an custom build to don’t include this files in the production app or I’ve to manually remove them?

And i’ve one more question: when I create one project via the ionic-cli (ionic start myApp blank), the ionic-cli include a bunch of files (.css, .scss, .js), which of those files are really necessary for my app and which of those should I keep in the ´www´ folder? Because in my app I’m only using the ionic.bundle.min.js and the ionic.min.css.

Just use ionic.bundle.min.js, then delete all nom-min files! It would be great if ionic-cli had an build production job.

This was my initial idea. Thanks for the response :blush:

And… now thinking about, if I want to do a sass customization of the ionic style, I have to keep the .scss files in the www folder?

This would be a great feature. Currently there are loads of extra files in the www folder that are not necessary and unwanted in the release.