Project structure


This is a pretty basic question I think but I just wanted to check. If I want to store files associated with building an app (e.g. productions files that won’t actually make it into the final build such as hi-res images, wireframes etc) - can I store these in my apps project folder or should I store them in a directory above separately?

Currently I store all my production files in a directory above named ‘Project files’ but this is annoying as I have to keep diving in and out. The reason I did this was because I wasn’t sure if I would lose the files when updating ionic if they were saved in the project folder itself.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated :smile:

As long you don’t put them into www you should be fine. www is copied into /platforms on build, so that the apps contain the actual HTML and JS code - the rest isn’t.

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I’m using this

I’ve altered it for my needs, but the concept still remains the same