Ionic Design Pattern


Hey guys,
I would like to know if ionic 2 is MVVM, or not ?


You could probably program in an MVVM style, but it doesn’t seem like a good fit, because that can suck up a lot of memory, and a hybrid app is intended to be run on devices with limited resources. If you know that you are only programming for powerful platforms, you probably don’t need a hybrid app framework.


@AaronSterling, i totally got what you mean, but my real question is ionic by default using MVC / MVVM / MVW architect ? got me ?
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By default Ionic is a collection of components and APIs you can use to build whatever you want. If you choose to seperate your M from your V and C in your code, so be it. Be default there are only code (Angular) and templates (HTML). Everything else you can do however you want.


Thanks for your reply, i got your point so ionic is components based. thanks