Ionic, angular and typescript


Hi guys, we all know that in ionic 1, Angular1 based on MVC pattern on client side , so my question is in ionic 3 with angular 4 and typescript on which design pattern the dev is based ?
thnks ina dvance :smiley:


Angular is a specialized MVC where data and view are even more separated than a generic MVC. Ionic is a rendering tool, and Typescript is a fancy kluge to push runtime errors to compile time.


so we can say that angular 4 is based on web component and MVC patten that’s right ? :slight_smile:


No. Angular components are not the same as web components. (Ionic 4 is supposed to 100% use web components though, which is exciting.) Angular components are pieces of the view attached to pieces of controller. Web components are meta-HTML objects that are dumb except for how they are supposed to be rendered. You can use web components with Angular, but you don’t have to, and it isn’t built in.