Ionic Deploy - Release destination // Hosting

Hi there!

I just tried the “Ionic Deploy” feature this morning.
It works beautifully, good job to the Ionic team!

One question, though:
Do you plan to allow people hosting the update packages (‘’) themselves?
It seems that the packages are hosted on AWS (aren’t they?) and I know this is a pretty reliable host. But Ionic Deploy still depends on and I fear that one day my app could not be updated anymore if the service goes down / is unresponsive.

I may have misunderstood something, sorry if it’s the case :-).



Hi there,

Sorry for insisting but I’d be glad to get any answer regarding this issue! Anyone :slight_smile: ?

Thanks !

I understand your point of view @VinceOPS, but I think the idea about this service is use their server.
Actually I’m havng some problems with this service, is slow and the app freezes during the extraction. Do you have this behavior too?