Anyone Have a Working Example of NEW Ionic-Deploy?

In the NEW Ionic Deploy, the download, update, restore pieces have all been separated. However, for some reason the new documentation found here Ionic.Cloud Migration Guide is confusing the hell out of me.

I have it checking for the update as I did before and that works well. However, I’m looking for a quick working example as to how I would perform the download and update. If anyone has tried this out and has managed to get it working, I’d surely appreciate it.

To do all the things $ionicDeploy.update() used to do, you have to do them in three stages all at once. Again, this isn’t recommended, as it reloads your app while your app users may be interacting with it, such as filling in a form, etc.

$ {
  return $ionicDeploy.extract();
}).then(function() {
  return $ionicDeploy.load();

If you’re still having problems, you can make an issue in our repo.

Fantastic. I did end up seeing this in the new documents. It’s out there and working well. I’m just curious as to best practices to make sure folks get the latest and greatest version. Should it be loaded in the Ready area or is that not recommended?