Ionic Deploy only using Production Channel

Here is some console output from XCODE, Notice that it says Channel is “Production”.

However it should be Staging. My -Info.plist clearly says Staging, My Config.xml says Staging. I am on the very latest of the Ionic build. It only wants to go to Production. I have been beating my head against a wall all day trying to have a staging build and production build.

Any ideas? Is this a bug?


   <variable name="CHANNEL_NAME" value="Staging" />
        <variable name="UPDATE_METHOD" value="auto" />
2018-03-13 15:37:32.199308-0600 SonderMind[42397:6842408] version is: 1.1.1
2018-03-13 15:37:32.199630-0600 SonderMind[42397:6842408] uuid is: 8b1d8b6f-a695-46bd-bcd8-8c7f9bda6ec7
2018-03-13 15:37:32.199931-0600 SonderMind[42397:6842408] channel is: Production
2018-03-13 15:37:32.200191-0600 SonderMind[42397:6842408] JSON Error: (null)
2018-03-13 15:37:32.200520-0600 SonderMind[42397:6842408] Response: (null)
2018-03-13 15:37:32.201261-0600 SonderMind[42397:6842408] JSON: {
    data =     {
        available = 1;
        compatible = 1;
        snapshot = "8b1d8b6f--8c7f9bda6ec7";
        url = "";
    meta =     {
        "request_id" = "<null>";
        status = 200;
        version = "2.0.0-sdlc-beta.0";

So I figured this out. I am trying to use the deploy API and and it will just not work the way I would like it where I could change channels via a menu in my app and still have auto deploy on. I ended up just creating a post build option to replace channel and have a custom build for our staging server and production servers. :-(.