Build rolling back to wrong channel

Hi, I am facing an issue with deploy. I am using the “production” channel to deploy to all users and the master for testing before releasing…
I have modified the setting to use the “master” channel for my test users but the app is reverting back to the version on the “production” channel.
I don’t know where to look ?

the config.xml reads “master” , the package.json reads “CHANNEL_NAME”: “Master”,
Any suggestion ?

"cordova-plugin-ionic": {
        "APP_ID": "xxxxxxx",
        "CHANNEL_NAME": "Master",
        "UPDATE_METHOD": "background",
        "UPDATE_API": "",
        "MAX_STORE": "2"
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I am having the exact same issue. While testing, I create a build that used the “Insiders” channel. I was able to create a build that pulled from this channel. Now, I have created a new build I am trying to deploy that defaults to the Beta channel instead, but even though my cordova plugin is set to “Beta” (in both package.json and config.xml) the new build still defaults to the “Insiders” channel for updates.

      "cordova-plugin-ionic": {
        "APP_ID": "XXXXXX",
        "CHANNEL_NAME": "Beta",
        "UPDATE_METHOD": "auto",
        "MAX_STORE": "2",
        "WARN_DEBUG": "false"

I don’t even know where to look at where this setting might be stuck.

I also added the Pro api and ran the following code to get the currently selected version

const res = await;
      this.deployChannel =;

and it confirms that it is reading from the “Insiders” channel.

Same issue, did you manage to find a fix for this?

Same issue here :frowning: I had two channels working independently for awhile, but recently, my “prod” channel is loading the “dev” channel build after the device sleeps and wakes up. What’s going on ionic???!!!