Ionic deploy channels


I am using ionic deploy and finding it really useful for client testing.

I am setting the channel to be dev in my controller.

$ = ‘dev’;

When I go to production this approach won’t work as my app will reload and change the channel. Is it possible set the channel out with the snapshot, is that possible?

I might be missing something obvious :slight_smile:

hi sir.have you successfully use the ionic deploy sir?

yes i have, it works fine

sir can you teach me?i try but no luck.i dont understand anything sir.tnx in advance sir.

I used the example here

were i can put this sir?

.run(function($ionicPopup) {
var deploy = new Ionic.Deploy(); {}, function() {}, function(updateAvailable) {
if (updateAvailable) { {
deploy.extract().then(function() {
title: ‘Update available’,
subTitle: ‘An update was just downloaded. Would you like to restart your app to use the latest features?’,
buttons: [
{ text: ‘Not now’ },
text: ‘Restart’,
onTap: function(e) {

You need to add it to your controller

sir when i can see:

i dont have these.need to create it?
tnx sir.