I think most of you will agree with me that ionic needs screencasts and more detailed and newbie centric getting started tutorials with samples.

I’d pay $10 for each screencast. May be someone should take and do it?



We got some things in the work to provide some more detailed information. This way, we can give a more detailed way to explain how to do things the ionic/angular way and how to set things up with cordova. Our developer evangelist, Gerred, is handling this :smile:


think this is a great idea, hopefully they will focus on Ionic and not rehash alot of material around angular which exists in lots of other places.


@aaronksaunders, no where not looking to reiterate on things that you can learn else where, like We’re looking to show how to set things up, go over each component, etc. Very ionic specific.


You do a quick search on youtube, you will find only a few videos about ionic. Latest being Ionic Crash Course - from the founders. And that’s it.

When asked questions about things in the forum they either send to some angular tutorials and/or samples at But honestly, this is nowhere close to be a welcoming framework for beginners.

I hope more advanced developers can record some screencasts that way.


Screencasts using the alpha-versions would have been a waste of time, because of the breaking changes. IMHO “official” screencasts (“Ionic in twentyish minutes”?! :wink: ) should be started after the api matured and there are no breaking changes anymore.l


@mquadrat you can always do screencasts with specific version of the ionic framework. So that whoever is following the screencast gets the same results