Ionic Creator vs Ionic CLI

Hello friends, first of all apologize for my English.

I’m starting with Ionic, I discovered the Creator and I am amazed (really a great job).
I created a few pages and put some css. After I downloaded (zip).
So I created a project by cmd (node) of a blank project. I replaced the contents of the folder ‘www’ by downloaded from the Creator.
But when I do the command 'serve ionic’ or ‘ionic run android’. What happens is that the Ionic replaces the contents and returns to the blank project.
What I need to do so that he did not do it and I puddle test my application done in the Creator?

When you created your project via the CLI what was the exact command you used? I am suspecting that you might have generated an Ionic V2 project instead of an Ionic V1 project. At the present time, Ionic Creator only supports V1 projects.



Hello Sir Chris Griffith,

is exactly that, it was my mistake, I created a project (Ionic V2).
now I created a V1 and worked everything correctly.
thank you for attention.
and you know when will be available support for V2 in Ionic Creator?

Glad you got it solved. I know Matt and his team will be working on it. I think they were awaiting the Framework to reach RC status (like many of us), before scoping the effort.