Does Ionic Creator Work With Ionic2

I’m trying to export my creator project with the --v2 tag but it does not work


Right now, our primary focus with Creator is to make it as user friendly and customizable as possible with the very stable Ionic V1. You cannot export a Creator app with Ionic 2, only Ionic 1.

That being said we are VERY excited to integrate Ionic V2 into Creator once it is ready, as it will allow Creator to do some cool new things.


Hi Matt,
I am waiting any idea when creator will support ionic 2?

Hi Chandra,

Have you had any updates on ionic 2/creator support?

No, nothing yet :frowning:

sir when it should be available?

Hi Matt,
Now that it’s been a while… do you see ionic 2 support being far off? Are we talking weeks, months, or years (beta or otherwise)? Or has the effort been shelved?


Matt, I’ve drank the ionic 2 cool aid so embracing Creator is the next phase of the journey. Any milestones or timelines for an ionic 2 version of Creator? Nice work so far.

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Hi Matt,

I have developed an app using ionic 2. But the styling is an issue with the app and need some better styling. So need a creator for doing the same on the top of the app. Any idea when we will get that.


I would also like to know what the status is on creating ionic 2 apps via ionic creator. Do you all have any news on this for us?



Matt, could we please get some direction here? What is the delivery timeframe for building Ionic 2 apps in Creator (now that Angluar 2 is released)? Weeks, months, a year? We are trying to decide whether or not to subscribe to Ionic Creator.

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We’re also interested in ionic creator as a tool, but we’re ready to go on ionic 2. Can you give us an idea of the timeline for updating creator? Is it a few weeks, months, or longer to see an ionic 2 update?

Very interested in the direction Ionic Creator is going with Ionic 2. Road map would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I agree with the above. I am eagerly awaiting more info and the release for Ionic 2 support.

Me too. I stopped using creator after few test, I’m looking at ionoc 2

Hi Matt,
I’ve began developing in Ionic almost 2 years ago and appreciate it.
Currently I’m working at convincing my client to choose Ionic 2 over Xamarin for developing a mobile app to complement their enterprise software system. But I am getting nervous since there is no roadmap for launching Ionic Creator V2. Please give us something to go on. Please?

I actually expected Creator to export to Ionic 2. I was just about to buy a subscription, but this is a bit of a setback. I’m new to Ionic and I don’t want to start with Ionic 1.

Is there a way to use Creator in conjunction with local Ionic 2 development? Maybe as a html generator only? That doesn’t make it as much worth a subscription though.

Hey everyone,

Still no specific ETA on Ionic 2 support in Creator, sorry! Theres still some things we want to put in Creator before we start the (difficult) transition process to making it work with Ionic 2.

We want the tools to get you “from idea to App Store” as fast as possible, and there’s still a few things we’re working on to get even better at that. For instance, the next big thing we’re working on is easier testing of native functionality (like Cordova plugins) right from Creator.

I hope that makes sense to everyone, and I’d like to thank you for your patience :smile:

I’ll post here with any updates on the topic though, promise :+1:



I follow as well… hope for good news.

Me too… for who start now makes no sense to adopt ionic v1…

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