Ionic Creator Release Date


It’s october already!!
Any news on a release date???


If you subscribed to the newsletter, you will read that beta is out already BUT only accessible to a few ionic “buddies” to test out before invites is sent out to the community.

Besides, there’s still two weeks in October :smile:


Exactly, It was suposed to be out in September.


It’s always that last 5% that takes the longest…

There are a few things we need to finish up and fix, hoping to do another round of invites soon


Could you include me in this round of invites? And when would be this “soon”?
Cause I have some projects in my company to start that depends on this.
I hope you understand. Thanks.


We are all working on some projects. And almost everybody is waiting for creator. I wait until this great team releases. Better to wait for all problems are fixed than a not well tested product and 2 weeks earlier.


Still waiting or final release. Any chance i can get an invitation for beta test although i registered earlier and already submitted an app to the Appstore. Thanks