Ionic Creator 2015 only?


Bad News guys!!
I heard from someone inside the team that Ionic Creator is only coming in 2015?!!!
Is that true??


That would be great news because the lib itself is far more important than a wysiwyg tool. The library, together with online services, like the option for building ios apps for devs without Apple’s hardware, are also more interesting to me.


Dude, you must be nuts. Stop saying so much bullshit.
Ionic Creator is the best thing ever!
Too bad it’s not coming out soon besides they are hyping this for so long.
False advertising!!!! LOL


Easy with the language @thiago. Unnecessary.


Keep in mind that as amazing as ionic is, it is open source. The company is in a seed or series A and needs to start making profit at some point.


Is the ionic creator out yet ?