Ionic Cordova Plugin read OTP

Hi All,
I need to auto detect OTP from SMS. I tried many of the plugin to read but none of them (i.e. cordova-plugin-otp-auto-verification, cordova-plugin-sms) are working.
Is there any working ionic cordova to read SMS as arrived?

Please help

Did you search the forum? Just today there was another topic about OTP.

yes, you are right. Do you have any solution?:slight_smile:

@iamrks_dev see this post , you can try this out About OTP read

@iamrks_dev Yes, use following plugin for auto detect OTP:

Can anyone suggest me the best working plugin for this which is working for ios and android both? Thanks in advance.

Use the below link to get OTP autofill.

It is tested with android physical device and works fine.

I am facing the problem update the UI once i received the OTP, do you have any solution for that @bharathirajatut

Please visit the below link