Implementation of Auto OTP Verification in ionic?

After searching a lot i got to know i have to use cordova-SMS-plugin which is available in ionic 2 native.But no clue i am getting how to use for auto OTP read.

Any help would be appreciated…please suggest

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cordova-SMS-plugin is used to send SMS not to detect received SMS.

Check this

I’m working with MSG91 which is OTP verification. It works as a charm!

For info:


Hi, Read this article 100% working with android

Hi All of you and thanks.I will give a try for this above shared links.

Do working with smsala which is OTP verification. It working fine

For info:

Digimiles API might work.
Eventually, you can also try top 4 alternatives for Digimiles

@varsha_428, You can use this Ionic/Cordova plugin for Auto OTP verification and this will not ask user for SMS read Permissions.