Ionic auto OTP reader

Hi all,
I just want to integrate the auto OTP reader in my ionic v1 application.

I have a login page on which user enter their mobile number, after receiving the sms i want to verify the OTP automatically by reading the otp. but i am not able to do that because i cannot find the suitable documentation for this scenerio.

So if anybody knows how to do it please share it. I badly need the advice, i want to do it immediately.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

@Akarsh1234 never say never, cordova provided awesome plugin follow this link carefully,cordova sms plugin,
One more important think you must have sms service in order to recieve random otp numbers.

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Thanks MdShuaib for your reply,
But unfortunately i tried this plugin already and its not working.
If you can provide me any demo for this plugin,it would be a great help.
because i cant find any demo for this auto reader otp plugin.


You can use this plugin: