Ionic cordova deeplinks

Hi, I’ve never worked on ionic but from last 1 week trying too debug an issue with deeplinks.

To give you some context, we have a native iOS SDK. Which we have converted into cordova plugin so that ionic cordova apps can integrate.

I have been running into one or the other issue when trying to create a simple app & try out deeplinks.

Not able to find a single example or tutorial that works end to end. All are broken or not working.

I’ve following questions.

  1. Our SDK supports Custom URL schemes for deeplinks, (Universal links are not supported). Since customers are using ionic capacitor, will it work as expected?
  2. Is there any way to get call back from AppDelegate.swift file to Ionic app? Since a native method is called in AppDelegate.swift file on delivering deeplink.
  3. Are Custom URL schemes supported? Because ionic-plugin-deeplinks says “As of iOS 9.2, Universal Links must be enabled in order to deep link to your app. Custom URL schemes are no longer supported.

Thanks In advance