Best Deeplinking Solution in 2018?

I currently have cordova-plugin-customurlscheme Instaled for Linking in my App with a custum scheme.
Becaue it won’t display as a link in messaging apps like whatsapp and telegram, I made a website that has an button to open it over the scheme. That is working so far.

But I would like to save the extra step of going to the webiste if the app is allready installed.
So I would like to add my website as a scheme, too.

I found the Ionic deeplinking plugin for this purpose, but unfortunately it’s not longer maintained as the github page says. The github page recomends branch, but if it’s possible I don’t want to spend money nor have a seperate serveice for it.

Is there a new Plugin or do I have to use/learn branch?

The data that i want to add to he deeplinkins are things like personal id’s to join groups and links to private content NOT any discount codes or things like that.

Any Ideas?

Ok, I’ll go with for the moment.

Did the same, after deprecation of ionic-plugin-deeplinks I went for

side note: during that migration, I also integrated cordova-plugin-customurlscheme to my app because ionic-plugin-deeplinks was doing both, handling deeplinks and custom links.

I have created a still pending PR to update the README about that

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And that works? any workaround required? I ask, because i have specified my scheme also in branch.

For me, so far, it works, but both URL in my case at least are really different

something like for and myapp:// for custom scheme

also it maybe works because I used them in really to separate business process = deep linking = User click a link, land directly in the app if he has it otherwise go to store, download it and then land in it and finally, when app open, send information about the deep link

custom scheme = in my case I use a custom scheme link to go back to my app from the Inappbrowser

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