Ionic-conference-app breaks on Windows 10, but works fine on Mac


I am trying to work with ionic conference app rc0 so as to update my app accordingly. But there are many breaking changes for me:

  1. Error copying files from src/assets to www/assets
  2. Missing @angular libraries
  3. Fonts icons missing
  4. breaks for no reasons some times

Ionic serve doesn't show anything
2.0.0-rc0 Error copying "src/assets" to "www/assets/"
Help Npm Problem

Aah!!! I made it work on Windows 10 finally. Here are the things to consider:

There is only one answer to many issues:

Example Issues

  • Error copying files from src/assets to www/assets. Operation not permitted.
  • Missing angular modules say @angular/platform-browser-dynamic
  • Node-Sass Compilation failed
  • Font icons could not load/found
  • Issues in tslint
  • Failed installing cordova

And the answer is:

Environment Setup

  • npm unnstall ionic -g
  • npm cache clean -f
  • Ensure npm version v3.10.8 or v3.x+
  • node version v6.7.0
  • typescript 2.0.3 or 2.0.0
  • cordova v6.3.1
  • And finally npm install -g ionic


Should be
npm uninstall -g ionic


Both are same. You can use any one.


Cool. I guess I just learned something new :+1: