Ionic2 conference app not working

Hi, i am new to ionic. I downloaded the conference app from and found ./app/build folder missing. Someone please suggest how to get the build files for the project to work. Thanks in advance.

Hi @AishApp here’s what worked for me:

  1. Git clone the conference app on my local PC. I had to use the C: drive (not sure why it would not work on my D: drive)
  2. Manually edit the package.json file and updated the ionic-framework dependency to alpha.40
  3. npm install ionic-framework --save
  4. npm install -g ionic@alpha
  5. ionic serve

I hope this helps!!!


As @gigocabrera said, you need to run ionic serve or ionic build in order to generate the build folder and bundle.js.

@gigocabrera you may be running into this problem with Windows where the project and node install are on different drives:

@brandyshea you’re the best!!! I can move everything to D: drive now :grinning:

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Thanks a lot guys. Its working now :slight_smile:

Would like to share other solution that works for me:
git clone
cd ionic-conference-app/
npm i
ionic serve