Ionic Cloud, Package, APK version code issue


I’m using Ionic Cloud to Package my App, I am changing the…

android:versionCode="" in AndroidManifest.xml

I have changed it to so many numbers but when uploading to Google Play it says this every single time, it seems Ionic Package building system is ignoring the AndroidManifest.xml

You need to use a different version code for your APK because you already have one with version code 300008.

Any idea why this is happening, the version is 3.0.0 is used in every build becuase its on the Google Play beta channel and the version code is different to that.

android:versionCode="79" android:versionName="3.0.0"


Add android-versionCode="" to config.xml as it ignores AndroidManifest.xml


Hey I am also facing same issue while publishing my app. As per my knowledge we used change version of APK in config.xml file only. I checked in play store last publish version of my app was 3. Even i tried to change version to 20 but still same error is showing to me. I added android-versionCode="" but it didn’t worked for me.
Please help me :frowning: :sob:

Issue solved. It was very stupid issue. I was giving wrong path of android-release-unsigned.apk. hehehe