Ionic cloud not complete builds


Hey, a couple of hours ago i push a package to build in ios and works. But now never pass the status “building”. The normal time of building is 30 seconds, but already have waited 2 hours… is there a problem with the building cloud now? is my build #11.


I believe there is. I spoke with Zach from support yesterday, because I was having the same issue. The issue seems to have started back up again, and it is most definitely something on their end.

His explanation to me was:

Sorry for the trouble. Over the weekend, a capacity issue on our Package server caused a number of builds to fail. This morning the issue was resolved. Can you try again and let me know if you see the same issue?

My guess is that their package server is still having capacity issues and either causing builds to continuously queue, or just causing them to get stuck in limbo somewhere. A “Cancel Build” feature for builds that are taking over 5 minutes would be nice.

Also, after taking a look at their service status, located here, while it says operational it also mentions they had some issues with a CDN yesterday. So it could be any combination of these issues. For now I’m just hanging tight and responding to emails.



I am starting to see cloud builds come through successfully (see #98 and #99):


Perfect me builds also started to success