Ionic cli new project Freezes up

I am trying to start a new project in the ionic framework with the following command

ionic start MyFirstIonic blank

However, no matter what I try the command prompt just sits there and blinks and eventually goes unresponsive. I had downloaded everything I needed to run an application about a month ago and everything seemed to work just fine. However, now when I try to create a new project it just freezes

I have a school project I am needing to get done and this is really stressing me out. I have tried the following solutions but to no avail.
-Cleaning the cache
-uninstalling and reinstalling ionic and cordova
-uninstalling/ reinstalling node
-installing an earlier version of node (V8.11)

  • Going to my app roaming and deleting npm and npm cache

None of these proposed solutions i found online seem to work

If anyone has any ideas on how to get my programming environment up and running I would greatly appreciate it! I am already running behind on my assignments and really do not wish to fall even further behind.

Here is a screenshot of what’s going on.

Try to run the command with --verbose added at the end.

What is your full ionic info output?

Check these steps
1 . Ensure internet connection while running ionic start command.
2. Press any button When Command prompt looks freeze , i prefer ‘c’ button on keyboard.
3. Open task manager(Alt+Ctrl+Del) check whether Node-js running or not