Ionic start freezes after preparing directory

Decided to try out v4 beta and the start script is freezing on my home dev machine when I use the lines in the tutorial ( ionic start ion4 tabs --type=angular )

I tried ionic start ion3 tabs and that works fine ( and prompts me to try the 4 beta… )

I tried again and pressed y for the beta and it seems to work if you go that way. Do the docs need to be updated or is this a bug?

I’ve just updated my node & npm. I tried clearing the cache using force. I have angular and ionic installed globally. I’m running in an admin cmd prompt.

ionic info
V Gathering environment info - done!
[WARN] You are not in an Ionic project directory. Project context may be missing.


ionic (Ionic CLI) : 4.3.0


NodeJS : v10.13.0
npm : 6.4.1
OS : Windows 7

Not sure it’s related but the Ionic (CLI) v4.3.1 has been release and it includes a fix “start: fix stdio freezing issue on Windows”, maybe it’s related? Update Ionic and give a try

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Thanks yes this was the issue I had raised a duplicate on Github.

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