Ionic-cli giving name to project and specifying email


i am using ionic-cli to start a new project but don’t know how to specify the email,app id and package name.i am doing this
ionic start Event2 --id --name Event2 --email
but this instead creates a project with tabs template.
should i manually edit these in ionic.project and the config.xml or is there a way i can do it from terminal itself?


manual editing did the work but still is there a option i can specify them from the terminal itself?
Edit-dont do it manually because i dont know why but when i did my appication started giving me error cordova class not found when it is runs correctly after that but initially gives an error.maybe i am missing something


Right now, no. But the CLI is on github, so you can make an issue for it


for anyone wondering how to do it you can for the time being use cordova

cordova create hello com.blah.hello helloworld

then manually copy the contents in www folder. if there’s another simpler way please do tell me :smile:


@mnsshukla94 this is for an unreleased feature and will be announced soon.