Ionic create new app with app name & package name

ionic start APPNAME tabs

Creates new app with App name HelloCordova and Package name com.ionicframework.starter in config.xml

I changed name & id in config.xml but when i open this in eclipse and import i still get New Project Name as HelloCordova how can i change this and get My app name set in config.xml in eclipse .

Can anyone pls list all steps to follow when creating a new App ,like resetting default name ,package name, icons etc.

You need to use the cordova prepare function, which will push the changes to your platform.

$ cordova prepare [optional target, if excluded, it will prepare all]

i think cordova prepare just copies contents of www/ to assets/www/

That, checks plugins, and carries changes in your project level config.xlm to your platform level config.xml

It doesn’t update debug key :frowning:

There are some instances where you may need to open an IDE, its the limits of cordova. Take a look at their docs for more info.

Yes I have had to change in Xcode, but cordova does allow for a way to create a project with your parameters set up.

cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld

I can’t get this to work in ionic

Yes cordova does allow you to do this. Right now, we do not have this ability enabled in our CLI, but will work it in soon.

In github this issue is tagged as ready but isn’t pushed to master yet ,

I tried to change the package name in the config.xml, but how can I pass the changes to plugins? I build the project but failed. Is there any safe way to change the package name?