Ionic CLI batch files stall without completing

To all:

I am new to Ionic. I have used other cross-platform development systems like Xamarin and Cordova. I am surprised at how much of a problem I’ve had with Ionic, and a lot of it has to do with the CLI.

Even though I have node 10.4.0 and npm 6.1.0 installed - as well as the latest version of the Ionic CLI (3.20.0 as of this writing), many instructions I run from my command window on Windows (Windows 7) invariably stall - that is, they do not give any kind of completion message, or a clean return to the command prompt. I have had to stop most of them by using Ctrl+C.

The “ionic start” instruction appears to create all needed files when I look in the Windows File Explorer, but no message is issued when that file structure is done. When I wanted to run “ionic link” I was told I needed to run “ionic login” first, from the command line. I was prompted for my e-mail address, but after entering that, nothing happens - I get no prompt for a password, no messages, no nothing.

Has anyone else run into this? What can I do to fix it? I want to like Ionic but these early bugs concern me. Help!