Ionic checklist problem

Hi everyone! I’m new on forums. i’m bulding an app with checkoxes and i have some problems.
i created a checklist with three checkboxes with different options, but i I would like to set that when a choice has been checked the others options cannot be selected. Can you help me?

Hello Theitalian!!! Watch out using “realize” as maybe for you as Italian like for me as Spanish it is a false friend. I think you meant you made a checklist, while realize is like you now feel and know something has happenend.
Ok, apart from this language issue, maybe you have to use useState with each option.
Have you used useState ever?

I corrected the mistake hahaha I was writing fast. Can you explain me useSate?

It sounds like ion-radio may be more appropriate here than ion-checkbox.


@ldebeasi is right, is pretty straight forward that way.

Excuse me @theitalian , anyway, are you using angular, vue or react?

yes good idea! How can I place choices in the center of the page?

i using angular. Anyway i’m taking courses to learn ionic.

OK, then the useState I told you I think is not useful for you as it is a react element/function. I am starting here too, but with react :slight_smile:

Someone can help me in the alignment options “superato”, prestazione non coerente" “non superato” to centre of page?

I saw you used the css utilities in the prior version , can we look at the code using the radio-button elements?