Checkbox still not working android


i saw that there are a few problems with handcoded checkboxes so utilised ionic’s but still the checkbox keeps on code

    <view title="'Demo'">
  <content has-header="true" has-tabs="true">
       <ul class="list">

checkbox works when held for a 1-2 seconds.


@mnsshukla94 this is our #1 issue right now. I assume you are on a Android < 4.4? We are tracking it down. Thanks.


yup i m testing it on a android 4.3 galaxy s4…one more thing i would like to ask is i am considering using sencha touch but i still like the angular way of doing things…:wink: so any tentative time when this framework will come out of alpha… i just dont want to learn sencha touch and like ionic a lot :smile:


Just my 2¢ as a former Ext JS4 developer : I dabbled with Sencha Touch. Maybe it’s just personal preference, but it was too much for my liking. It’s very heavy weight. It has an extremely structured interface. Skinning a Sencha app is really tough. If you don’t like the default styles, you need some major design skills to change them. Almost everything is JavaScript. There is very little HTML to hand code.

If you are an experience Sencha dev, then it may work great for you. For me, I prefer bespoke HTML with AngularJS or Ionic.


@mnsshukla94, this was fixed yesterday, mind giving master a try?

As for when we come out of alpha, we are looking at early/mid February. I am confident in saying you will be happier using Ionic in the long run if you love Angular. Things have stabilized pretty quickly minus a few issues we have for the next few alpha releases.

Sencha is great if you are a big enterprise and like spending lots of money :slight_smile:


@max @Calendee thank you for the advice…i am not an experienced dev…just know html and javascript…and starting to learn creating mobile apps using phonegap so i think angular would be a good starting point as angular is backed by google guys :smile: