Cannot put checkbox withing my list item, checkbox itself becomes an item with border


I’ve a specific requirement where i wanted to show the list with items by default, after certain action taken by user, i should allow user to select an item using checkbox and at that time only i wanted to show the checkboxes to the left of item title for selection. I did my home work and take care of everything, but the issue is, when checkbox becomes visible, styled checkbox (ion-checkbox) itself is shown as a list item which makes it look very ugly. I understand its the way it is styled, but can we have a stand alone checkbox as well?


Kind of having a hard to picturing what you’re asking for. Could you put together an example?

<ion-item ng-repeat="cat in categories">
        <h2 ng-bind=""></h2>
        <p ng-bind="cat.description"></p>

i wanted to show checkbox before category name in above list item. which is not possible right now.

hope this clarifies your concern.


You could do something like this.

This combines ion-lists and checkboxes

Multiple checkbox delete on ion-item-sliding

option you suggested works fine in your case, but like i requested in my code sample, i don’t want to use “ion-delete-button” - is there any way i can achieve the same behavior?


How can this be done in the latest Ionic? Why was this feature removed?